Branding iron with your own logo for meat and buns

Make your dish unique. Order a high-quality restaurant-grade branding iron for searing burger buns, paninis, other breads and cooked meat.

Brandstempel voedsel

✅ Made in the Netherlands with German materials

✅ 100% satisfaction or your money back

✅ Rated 9.6 by 300+ customers

Examples of customers using their branding irons on burgers

Hamburgerbroodjes met logo

Hamburgerbroodje brandmerk logo

Stand out from the crowd – both in your restaurant and online

1 out of 4 of your customers shares their dishes on Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat. Gain free publicity with your own logo on meat and sandwiches.

Suitable for any logo. So yours too!

Is your logo:

  • Round?
  • Square?
  • Rectangular?

Or does it have fine lines and lots of text?

No problem. Your logo will appear clearly on the bun or food. 100% satisfied or your money back!

Read below to learn more about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Geschikt voor logo's in alle vormen
Examples of branded marks on burger buns

Special branding iron for food

With the extra deep engraving, your logo appears clearly on buns and meat. This branding iron is suitable for:

  • Hard and soft burger buns
  • Sandwiches, Paninis, Toasted sandwiches, Pittas
  • All types of cooked meat

Order your specialist branding iron for food

Verwarm je stempel met eigen logo eerst 20 minuten voor.
Clear logo every time, due to our innovative deep grooves

Finish your entire dish in 2 seconds!

  • Stamp dishes easily in advance.
  • Stamp up to 200 dishes in a row.
  • One stamp takes only 2 seconds!
Stempel met eigen logo voor op broodjes hamburger
Your logo on sandwiches or meat in 2 seconds!

How does our 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

We test your branding iron to ensure that your logo is clearly visible on wood.

That’s why you can return your branding iron to us for free within 30 days, without providing a reason. We are the only supplier in the UK and EU offering this guarantee for custom-made branding irons.

Additionally, we provide a standard 1-year warranty on the electric heating element.

Watch the video and discover how easily you can brand your logo on meat and burger buns:

Frequently Asked Questions about a branding iron with a custom logo for burgers, meat and sandwiches