The story behind JH Machining

We are happy that you are interested in J.H. Machining. My name is Hidde, owner of J.H. Machining and I would like to tell you more about my passion.

Passion for technology

In 2017, Hidde Zaaijer embarked on his adventure with a passion for technology and a keen eye for detail. Using his self-designed CNC milling machine, he created his very first simple branding iron. What originally started as a hobby quickly grew into a professional business.

* CNC milling machines are machine-operated cutting tools that are programmed and managed by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems to accurately remove materials from a workpiece. The end result of the machining process is a specific part or product that is created using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

wax seal stamps, precision-made by Hidde

In just a few years, J.H. Machining has evolved into a company with multiple employees and is now one of the largest producers of branding stamps in the Netherlands and Belgium. Additionally, we have a strong presence in the European countries.

Branding irons are precision-made by Hidde

At J.H. Machining, we not only aim to deliver a perfect product but also strive to provide the very best service. We exclusively use high-quality materials and machines capable of realising even the smallest detail in the stamps. This allows us to confidently offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every customer is assured of a product that can personalise their work, whether it’s a beautiful logo, text, or image.

Jan Hidde Zaaijer
Owner JH Machining